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IT Management and Cybersecurity

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    Technology Solutions

    We implement business technology with the dedicated attention provided by our team of computer technicians and professionals, always available to help you with the implementation of devices, network configuration, software installation, security, Networking, VoIP, cabling, etc.

  • Technical Support

    Solve technical problems as they occur, with our innovative remote professional technical support system for 24-hour, 7 days a week, permanent care, always at your command a click away, from your office or from your cell phone, no more phone calls, immediate attention, always online.

  • Onsite Technical Support

    Address Technology needs on-site the same day with immediate response times and priority in case of incidents, computer repairs, updates, system maintenance. Many IT tasks can be completed remotely, however Cencompu International can send a technician or a team of IT professionals to your office to handle problems that cannot be solved from our office. Our team will ensure that we can get it up and running as quickly as possible.

  • IT Managed Services

    The complexities of today's business technology require teams of experts to ensure its success. Cencompu International is the best source for any business to access teams of technology experts who will secure, implement and manage the right technology to increase profitability and gain a significant competitive advantage in the market. Let us manage the daily administration and maintenance of your devices, network and cyber security; so your business team can focus on what they do best.

  • Network Support

    We offer proactive support service dedicated to the prevention and quick resolution of problems. We use a combination of technologies and best practices to identify network problems, eliminating downtime before it affects your business. Maintain 99.999% uptime and keep your data safe with immediate disaster management, monitoring and recovery services for your mission critical network infrastructure and systems.

  • IT Consulting

    We simplify technology for the continued success of our clients. Technology is critical to success, but it requires constant attention and planning to support your growing operations. Get guidance and recommendations to drive digital transformation in your organization while reducing IT costs in the short and long term with a strategy and roadmap to return on your technology investment by matching your needs with services and currently available computer technology solutions.

  • Cloud Solutions as a Service

    The cloud provides a secure space to host your data, programs, infrastructure, and more, while providing access to the latest high-speed, high-performance technologies to streamline operations. The cloud computing solutions that Cencompu International offers its customers alleviate the need for unnecessary hardware, optimize their systems, improve mobility and save you money. Reduce your capital expenditures (Capex), comply with regulations, and migrate your equipment to a cloud-based infrastructure with support and management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Cyber security

    We support your strategic vision and work together to balance the technology needs of your workforce and customers, with your responsibility to keep confidential data and IT infrastructure safe. Stay one step ahead of hackers and protect your private data with a comprehensive training, monitoring and security software service.

  • IT Acquisition

    Find the best technology solutions for your budget and business strategy with help with sourcing, negotiating, and innovative technologies deployments. Cencompu International has assembled a team of expert IT professionals who specialize in creating custom solutions to meet your needs and budget. Our services range from complete IT design and ecosystem implementation to strategic deployment of new technology within an existing environment. Our New York office contributes by adding unique value to our clients through strategic technology partnerships with leaders in the IT industry to deliver the best in technology and effective transfer of insights gained directly from manufacturers that are key to implementation.